Friday, 27 November 2015

Henry's and Jack Daniel's Snagit learning!

Reflecting on our snagit creations

We learnt how to create a snagit and shared our first one on our blog.  Let’s reflect on how we did.

What are three great things about your  first snagit experience?
1. I liked it when we were watching PAY IT FORWARD from Tamaki College
2. It was fun when Henry and I made mistakes and watched our snagit over and over. It was funny.
3. I liked because we worked together as a team.
What are three things you might do differently next time now that you have learnt a bit about snagit?
1. I want to try using different tabs and record what I am learning.
2. I will try to speak more clearly.
3. I will not muck around.
How else do you think you could use the snagit tool to share your learning?
They could record a snagit when they're doing a topic in particular, like Maths, Reading, Inquiry etc.

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