Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Botanical Gardens!

On Thursday we went to the Botanical Gardens and we got split up into two groups which the two groups had to split up again into two more groups which had a tablet and a camera. First we went to the edible gardens which was great! And when we saw all of the plants, they were all beautiful and nice! We heard birds chirping and singing, we heard people talking about how beautiful the plants and flowers were! After looking at most of the great and spectacular areas, It looked like we were in a forest biome! Which was pretty awesome but at the same time it was scary! When we were walking in the so called ‘’forest biome’’ it was great and nice! After we were looking at all plants we went back to school!   


  1. Talofa, Henry. We did have a wonderful trip to the Botanic Gardens looking at all the different flowers and harakeke! Can you remember any of the trees we saw in the "forest biome"?

  2. wow henry this sounded like a really fun day out! we should go there sometime with Satui!
    keep it up :)