Thursday, 17 November 2016

Running, Jumping and last but not least Throwing!

On Wednesday we went to our final Run, Jump, Throw session. Lots of people were enjoying themselves playing lots of fun mini games that Coach Declan set up for the whole class. When we were playing a game called “Clean the Room”, the aim of the game is that you have nine beanbags or let’s call it “Toys” for now, so with those beanbags you have to throw those beanbags to another area which is called their “base” and you have to have the least beanbags than your rivals. After we played, Clean the Room we were playing, shot putt, but this was no ordinary shot putt. We had to throw the shot putt balls to the the cricket wicket, and the first one to score higher points than other people they win!


  1. Dear Henry, this is good work and I hope you tried your best and great job with this post.

    Love From: Great Grandma

    1. Dear Great-Grandma, thank you for your support and the time commenting on my blog. It was great fun doing Run Jump Throw.