Wednesday, 14 December 2016

What we learned in this year 2016!

20160407_112749.jpgWhat I learned this year was cooperating with other students and making a solar oven to create and cook pizza, hot chips, chocolate and marshmallows so we could one time be a cook!


  1. Hi Henry! It's great that you enjoyed cooperating with different groups this year. Can you remember why we decided to cook our food in a solar oven?

  2. Hi Henry!

    Wow, that's really cool that you decided to build a solar oven with your classmates in order to cook your treat foods. I really like that idea. Was it hard to make?

    I will do some research later today to see if I can find out how to make my own solar oven as my son (Aronui) would love to try it! It's great to see that you were working together with your classmates on such a creative task.

    Speaking of creative tasks, I have been blogging with lots of students over the past few weeks who are completing creative activities as part of the Summer Learning Journey programme. It's been really fun! I hope that you're able to join us this year:)

    To join the programme, simply hop onto the Summer Learning Journey website (, click on the 'Weekly Activities' tab, choose from one of 60 different activities and post a blog about it.

    I will read your blog and post a comment back. I also have other teachers and students who would love to read your blog posts and provide comments. You will earn points for each blog that you post and I'll keep track of your points.

    At the end of the summer I'll come to Ruapotaka to hand out certificates and to bring prizes for the Top 3 bloggers in your school. I really hope that you'll join us and be in to win a great prize!

    You can start blogging any time that you want from now until the end of the January. The programme officially ends on Friday 27 January.

    Hope to see you online this month!


  3. Hello Henry

    It is really interesting that you are cooking with a solar oven! A few months ago my school was doing something similar with solar energy, but we were making a small car that ran on solar energy, so it's really interesting that you guys are doing something similar!

    Could you add more details on the process of how you made the solar oven and how long it took to cook your food?

    Hope you had fun