Friday, 12 May 2017

Missing US tramper found safe

Last week a tramper was missing around Canterbury around for about one week and the police have been sent and found him safe and unharmed close to Rakaia River. The is what the Christchurch police has told us so far. He is with the members He is currently with members of the Methven LandSAR Group," said the police officers.

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Hunter found after going missing on Kapiti Coast

In the Weekends on Saturday a hunter from New Zealand was missing on Kapiti Coast and it says here on newshub, that he was last seen at 5pm at Saturday. Luckily he was found safe at Kapiti Coast by the police. The hunters name was unknown, but it also says that this hunter was separated from his friends that have been hunting with him on private property at rural Reikorangi on Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

New cool and amazing way to watch movies in 3D!

Image result for New cool way to watch a move in 3D NewshubA new way to watch movies in 3D is out now in your local cinemas like at Sylvia Park and other places. This may change other experiences but other people will think it will be okay. People will be using this very often and it will increase the popularity of the cinemas and it will be more packed in some cinemas so the employees will get more exhausted and more busy!

Monday, 8 May 2017

Electric car fans gather to break NZ record.

New Zealand drivers Yesterday Sunday are trying to break the record for the biggest cars came to one place. It's a part of a transport of these electric cars exploring the nation in a offer to raise the popularity of these amazing creative cars. It says here in Newshub that James Cozens said that they need like about 100 more cars to be at the Ardmore Airport. These Cars are more "cheaper" and are faster quieter and a little bit more stronger and can handle big crashes.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Vodafone outage across Auckland, Northland fixed

The Vodafone Company has fixed the issues yesterday at Thursday. "This used up 16 minutes of our time" said a person from the Vodafone company. It says that all of the power from the Vodafone has been restored and that they have apologized for the outage and will not let this happen ever again in the future. It also says that the Technical teams are now monitoring the network in case anyone tries to hack, or get rid of the Vodafone Network Systems.

Newshub - Article About Vodafone.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

'I've had enough': Dairy owners march against influx of violence

Over a alot of robberies around Auckland have been taken place and alot of the owners in some shops are fed up with all the attacks and robberies and are worried sick about their children and what might happen to them if they are lost or stranded in the middle of nowhere. Last Sunday afternoon dozens of dairy owners marched in Manukau with frustration, anger, stressed.