Thursday, 1 June 2017

🥛National Milk Day!🥛

Today was a beautiful day to start drinking our milk! The reason why we were all excited was because it was National Milk Day! The meaning of National Milk is that we all drink our milk and we take photos of us drinking a milk and post a blog about National Milk Day. The date of our National Milk Day in NZ is Thursday 1st of June. Usually we would all drink our milk with boredom, sometimes anger and sadness, but today we all felt all excited, filled with joy, amazed and inspired by happiness because it was national milk day. So today was an amazing and exciting day to drink our milk! We also felt stronger and more fit because remember, milk contains calcium, sugar free, and heaps of energy so we can go through our day with no problem! Milk is also good for our bones, muscles, and increases our strength, stamina, endurance, and speed! So whenever there is milk in your fridge, make sure you should drink alot to get energized and no longer lazy and tired.


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