Tuesday, 11 September 2018

They Grow Up So Fast!

All of those year 8's might be thinking, "College must be fun!" Fun fact! It ain't. Sorry to let you all down but sometimes you have to know the dreadful, consequential, truth. Though it was still fun, but it was very tiresome. So if you all have lots of Preschool years to go, finish well! Now there goes my teacher self. The reason why you might be seeing lots of college students tired is because they have, countless classes to go and lots of P.E. Okay, looks like I'm done standing up for the tired College students,

Friday, 7 September 2018

You Better Jump To The Top! (Or Else)

Good luck to you all who are trying their hardest to enter the finalist, and right now as I a annoying 12 year old boy is typing this blog, my legs, or should I say, our legs are gonna need some good massages after School. How about I put that last sentence into 5 words (Technically.)
R.I.P Yr8 and Yr7 legs,

You will always be in our memories Legs.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

A Basketball, A Soccer ball, A Rugby Ball, Now A Volley Ball! Oh You've Got To Be Kidding.

So many sport balls, so little time, oh sorry I was just imagining how many other balls could exist. Now that's what you call a ball-section.

All jokes aside, we lost another awesome coach who taught us amazing skills. Even though our head prefect Katrina had thanked you, I wanted to thank you personally for how much you have taught us in the small amount of time that you had. We also apologize for not making you a thank you card. Oh how unthoughtful of us!

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Congrats! And Good Luck! *You're Going To Need It For Speeches😈*

To my parents who might be reading this, please don't be disappointed. I mean, I get it. I need to try harder next time, but in this School we are learning to be BTB (Better than before). Anyways, as you can see by the title of this blog post, We are all congratulating those students who made it to the poetry finals. *Whole school claps.* Yes, Yes, keep clapping for m- oh wait, I forgot..... I didn't make it to the finals.

But serio
usly, congrats again to those students who made it! In my opinion I liked most of the juniors who recited their poems, the reason why I said most was because some of the juniors who recited their poem I said in my head, "Do you know how to speak english?" Jokes, the only time I would make fun of people would be myself *Henry sheds some tears*

BUT, to be honest, I thought all of them did a good job and I wish all of you good luck towards the speech finals.   

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Thank you, Hunter And Kevin!

Everyone, grab your tissues because one of the many Tai - Wong students, are leaving! Don't worry, they're going to see us in the next, uh I don't know, 10 - 15 years . *Room 12 cries* So don- oh, you're still crying. Well how about we flashback to one of our memories back when they outsmarted all of us, even the year 8's. *Henry and the rest of the Class, GET SMARTER* But....

As one awesome and intelligent person said, *That person is me, of course.* "All things must come to an end."
So, we all hope you a farewell and I hope we'll meet you all in the future.

A Great Show, In My Opinion That Is.

This show was interesting, No literally, I mean I don't even have to say it's about Maori-related when the performers recreate their own type of Maori myth in a way that they have been told. We also had 2 students and 1 teacher who greatly *badly* participated, especially the teach- er I mean one of the students *Mr Reid please try harder*

But, in the end they all tried their hardest. *They lacked participation,* also as my personal opinion on this performance are,
Good (in it's own way), unique and last of all, hilarious.
"Hilarious, Henry what do you mean by-" Sorry, If you all think this performance wasn't hilarious... Please re watch this video.
SO, as I was saying, These words explain all of the performance.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

The NZ Icon

Okay, I know, I'm making a pointless blog post about a bike. I don't want to explain how a bike can become a NZ I won't.

Anyway, you think I'm going to copy and paste a Newshub post, right? Not really, I'm actually going to write about what I feel about this and tell you whether I like it or not.

Great "Icon." Am I right? No. I mean, look at that man! That "bike" won't even function properly, and please don't tell me there is going to be someone riding on it. literally?.  I mean, come on.

I know NZ is that inventive but not like this! I still wonder if it's stable enough to even go as fast as a person running. What do you think of that?

But as much as I would want to laugh to death about this invention, my emotions for this are...


Still kind of creative.

Image Link and ACTUAL Post