Thursday, 22 March 2018

The Terms And Services Of Being A Cybersmart Learner

This is what is expected from you if you are a part of a Manakalani School:
  1. By accepting the terms and conditions of how why you should not go off task if you don’t have permission. Source: Smart And Legal
  2. Think of how you “advertise” yourself by blogging online to the whole public and to remember that it will be there for as long as you expunge it. Source: Smart Footprint
  3. Try to make intelligent choices if you are interacting with another person. Smart Relationships
  4. Understand the purposes of why you should be responsible of your’re digital devices and to know why you should be responsible. Source: Smart Learners
  5. If you are purchasing or selling something be careful of what you buy because of people that scam you. Source: Smart Money

Friday, 16 March 2018

Welcome To The Rivertalk

Yesterday at The Rivertalk near Tamaki College there were many people that have explained why we should save the river and to prevent any pollution causing from any rubbish that doesn't belong to the sea and the sea creatures. Two more Schools joined and experienced the same amazing invented presentations that have been made, the two Schools were St Heilers and Pt England. 

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

R10 Syndicate Assembly

Congrats to the people who succeeded in these first five weeks of Ruapotaka Primary and have earned their merit certificate!
This syndicate assembly was formulated and provided this assembly for us with these outstanding songs and ideas of theirs that was planed to occur on Monday.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Forget Your "Smartphone" The "Superphone" Will Soon Be Your New Mate

At home, on the bus, on the street or in the park, a quick look round shows just how much we rely on our smartphones.

They've put internet access, cameras, scanners, cloud data and analytics into our pockets and try as we might, we find them hard to put down.

The Race Of Our Lives!

Tuesday was the race of our souls, everyone was nervous and very eager to compete in athletics. Everyone of the races were exhilarating which almost made me unconscious! Numerous times, people cheered and people were streaking around! 

Everyone took the consideration to pay attention and follow all of the teachers commands, it was astonishing! It was spectacular to see what such good behavior was displayed and the perseverance of our skillful runners!

Congratulations to those superior runners! 

Friday, 3 November 2017

School Assessments

Today has been a very unorganized day, we have had 3 assessments. We all have been tested on, Mathematics, Reading Comprehension and Spelling/grammar. All of us have been worn out from how much assessments we have done and how much more there are to come.

Most of our tests are 45 mins, but our grammar test was 25 mins.

Term 4 Activities Coming Up & In Development & Community Events.

It is sadly the last term of 2017, assessments have come up and more hard work is yet to come. We all enjoyed the holidays but unfortunately, it has come to an end. Speeches are being in progress right now when athletics are coming up, cultural groups are coming underway and prize giving might be our last day of 2017!

We all have speeches written down and we at least have one page written down, my speech subject is currently about video games. Swimming is coming up for the year 7 & 8 boys, the Manakalani Film Festival is coming up next Wednesday when the Manakalani tests are coming up tomorrow.

Cultural groups are coming up and Mrs Foulu, our Cultural Samoan teacher is now working on the Samoan cultural group.