Monday, 10 December 2018

Congrats And Your Welcome (For No Reason)

Congrats to those year fours who got awarded for getting a deposit of $40 for their chrome book next year.

And what Mrs Samuel said was a very inspirational thing especially for the year eights because they're going to college.

Monday, 3 December 2018

The Merriest Christmas Ever!

Christmas, this is not only something that gives spoiled children more presents to increase that demanding behavior, it's something to bring all families together as one. Oh, and don't forget those nice cookies and milk!

That is two out of 10 ways how people can celebrate Christmas, I mean you remember those people who struggle and can't even buy themselves a Christmas tree, or you could sing to people Christmas-related songs, which is called Caroling, or you could just, oh I don't know. There are lots of ways you could celebrate Christmas, like how I sleep in before my Christmas ends, so (#R.I.P Henry 2006 - 2019)

So what I expect from all of you is that you all have to celebrate Christmas, even if it means just saying "Merry Christmas!" to your neighbor. So I better see you celebrating Christmas (Or I'll steal your presents.)

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Don't Forget The Cherry On Top! (Technicraft #4)

The final dish, was, unique...

I mean the dish was sausages, cut into halves, while topping some cheese with side-cut tomatoes to finish it off, oh and it doesn't stop there. We baked some fries as the sides of this "unique" dish that Mrs Tuipolotu told us to cook.

So it was "interesting" to make this dish, our final one. 

Monday, 26 November 2018

2019 Is Coming, So Be Ready To Become A Robot!

3 more weeks until Fortnite Season Se---

Oh, wait, I'm not talking about fortnite right? Oh, okay, well let's just try to make this school related. A lot of elders may tell you to read in holidays but that normally doesn't work, but since memes are coming along, we would all love to read now wouldn't we, especially when Christmas comes along.

While I'm talking about Christmas I just want to say something to all of those "I only care about the presents not about the family"  kid-- I mean people. You have to understand that Christmas isn't supposed to be about getting lots of presents. It's about hanging out with family and actually spending quality time with each other so please keep that in mind.

Anyways, I feel pretty happy that school's about to end. All of you should be happy, unless if your friends are going to different schools.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Technicraft #3 "No More Chicken Dinner But Lots Of Air And Nothing..."

Judging by the title, lot's of people might be saying, "so you were in trouble and you couldn't cook" or maybe, "did you not want to cook or something" Or maybe eve-- I think you all know what happened actually. Besides the point of learning how to make brownies we were stuck with a sheet that had to make us explain what we normally do when we cook.

So it was basically a boring and unusual Wednesday at school. The same group moaned again (which was including me) because last time we had no teacher AGAIN. So I really don't care about tech because of how many things we repeat for 2 years.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Newshub Post: "Rise Of The Working Poor"

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Newshub Post:
The reason why I chose this specific topic is because everyone loves Christmas. It's something to celebrate why we have together in order to be a great. But, there are people who not only have sufficient currency to pay the bills in order to live in their own house, they might not be able to buy  some Christmas gifts for either themselves or other people who are extremely close to them.

Now this is where the fundraiser comes in. There are some very good-heart services that pay gifts for other people who are struggling with their bills.

That's what we should do to not only our family, but to everyone in your country.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

This Is How Readers Should Get Along!

The Duffy Assembly (The last one) explains why bullying should be stopped as well as how people should get along. This is a great example for people who are getting bullied and how bystanders can help the victims in any situation.

When "Duffy" explained how stress can be stopped in an very enthusiastic and creative way it told me to stop going on devices before sleeping because obviously it increases stress. So this would be a great recommendation to everyone who does this. But instead of going on social media or listening to people on YouTube talk we could read a book. It's exactly as a YouTube except you're reading a book.