Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Maths time!

When I came back from being sick we had to do maths which was amazing! We made 3D cubes. We had to use stick and straws which I was so excited to do. I was working with Saluselo and Shakaia. Then I made another 3D shape. That's what I learnt about for maths.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Gardening is amazing!

Tuesday 28th June: What I did this morning was ten of room ten went to Vector Arena and seven of room ten had to stay behind to help Mrs Buchanan with gardening and I was one of them. We had to do a plan about gardening so yeah we had to do some maths while gardening. Robati was writing stuff about plants that Mrs Buchanan bought from Bunnings Warehouse. The plants that Mrs Buchanan bought were lavender, Buchananii grasses and some other plants. After we planned about gardening stuff, we had morning tea and then we actually started to garden finally! Me, Robati and Solomone were planting some plants that looked like a bunch of little grass. The last bit we had to do was we had to water the plants and, yes, we did take a bunch of photos. Anyways where was I? Oh yes, as Mrs Buchanan was taking some photos we watered the plants a little bit too much. When Suli watered it some more, the Vector people came back. So, gardening was what I did this morning!