Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Term 2 Has Come To An End....

As you can see by the title, alot of things are about to go "poof," and then reboot into term 3, which new things await us at Term 3, so be prepared!

As other "thoughtful" kids, they might be happy to take a 2 weeks break from School so you might hear a, "time to play some video games," sometimes even a "2 weeks off? more like 10 weeks off."
Also a- looks like you get the point now of me accusing kids who say this (which I am one of them).

So, am I done criticizing kids which have there own point of perspective on holidays? I am? okay nice, so as any normal teacher would say, "try hard, be better than before!, thus I expect 20 pages of homework-" okay, I'll stop.

So please be on your best behavior and listen to your teachers.

This quote was definitely *not* created by Henry.


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